How to connect zoom to my outlook calendar.How to add Zoom to your Outlook account

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How to connect zoom to my outlook calendar. News about Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webex & Team Collaboration

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Jun 03,  · You can toggle back to the classic look by moving the slider in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Open your Outlook web calendar and click New or New event to create a new calendar event. Enter meeting details such as title, location, and guest list. Click the Zoom icon in the top toolbar. If you don’t see the icon, click the. Calendar Event Start. Triggers at a specified time before an event in your calendar starts. automatically do this! Create Meeting. Creates a new Zoom Meeting. (Options not available here will default to user/account Zoom settings.) Connect Microsoft Outlook + Zoom. Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer and create a new calendar event Choose the more icon (three dots) to Add A Zoom Meeting from the dropdown Click the more icon (three dots) to view the settings from the dropdown to customize meeting options, then close the settings by clicking the “X” in the upper right corner of the window.

How to connect zoom to my outlook calendar. Scheduling Zoom/Teams Meetings from Outlook


Zoom boasts over million daily meeting participants and Outlook is flying with million-plus users. You can get the Zoom plugin for Outlook on the Zoom website for free. There are, however, conditions that need to be met for the installation to work properly on your device. Then, follow the install wizard to complete the installation. Next, restart Outlook, and when you open it, you will see the Zoom ribbon at the top. Schedule your meeting directly from Outlook with the ribbon whenever you want.

Zoom has stopped the production of macOS Outlook plugins due to security concerns from Apple. Consequently, Microsoft has also removed support for injection-based plugins for Mac Outlook. This means that using Zoom plugin for Outlook for your projects is not advised anymore. Microsoft has revealed a Zoom add-in as a competent replacement for the plugin, however. You can download from at AppSource and start collaborating. Every now and then, Zoom releases new updates to improve on the existing versions of the plugins and you can check out what is being improved.

These updates may be for simple bug fixes, new and enhanced features, or support for system types like bit systems. Since these updates will support even more user types in your team, regular checks for Zoom Outlook plugin updates are imperative. Be sure that Outlook is selected as the calendar. An Outlook meeting appointment will open with the Zoom Meeting link included. Note that you will need to set the Outlook meeting as recurring if desired. Complete the Outlook appointment and send it to the other participants.

Create a meeting as you normally would. During the process of creating the meeting, click the Zoom icon. You may be prompted to sign-in – Select “SSO”. You will be prompted to enter your company domain. You will be prompted to “Allow” Zoom Meeting to display a new window.

Select “Allow”.


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Zoom does allow for some useful integration with Microsoft Outlook that works very well for scheduling online meetings and getting everyone to attend more easily.

Microsoft has its own app for integrating Zoom, which makes this process much easier. Go to the Microsoft Store and download it. Make sure you are downloading onto the computer that you use for work and Outlook purposes, and have Outlook open when starting the process to make it easier.

When downloading, the app will ask you to sign in with your Outlook address and sign an agreement about using the service. The capability to use Zoom in Outlook is there now, but you need to know what it can do!

Start by opening your online Outlook calendar and selecting New at the top to create a new calendar event. When finished, look at the top menu bar and select the three dots off to the right.

Select them and your Zoom add-in should pop up, along with any other add-ins you may already be using on Outlook. Select Zoom , and in the next menu select Add a Zoom Meeting. Supply it, and the calendar event you have created will now be a Zoom meeting, with appropriate join meeting links and everything else in place. Normally, a Zoom meeting created through Outlook will have all the normal settings from your online Zoom profile.

However, you can also change this easily through Outlook to customize a meeting based on its individual needs. To do this, select the meeting on your Outlook Web Calendar. This will open up a new section to choose Zoom settings for that meeting. Options include:. When finished tailoring the meeting to your needs, select Update to save all your changes.

Zoom for Outlook works very similarly if you are using the desktop app instead, but downloading it is a little different. Here, you will want to open the app, select File, then select Manage Add-ins.

This should open a website to control your Outlook settings. Look for the plus and minus signs here, and select the plus sign, then select Add from the Office Store. You can find the Schedule a Meeting option in the Home tab of your Outlook app. Note: If you are an administrator enabling Zoom capabilities for a team of Outlook users, your process for signing everyone up is very similar to enabling Zoom for the Outlook app.

When signed in as administrator, look at your admin center menu and you should see an option for Add-ins under Settings. Then simply choose Deploy Add-in , and select I want to add an Add-in from the Office Store , and proceed to search for the app as before.

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